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German Indian Dog,
Created here at Happy Bend Kennel is A registered breed, and is a Native American Indian Dog (NAID) and German Shepherd mix and must be at least half NAID. Our first Litter was in 2012. We breed several different percentages of German Shepherd mixed in with the NAID. The German Indian Dog is what Drives us daily in this Business, they just keep getting better and better each year as the Breed is getting developed. The German Indian Dog is Guaranteed to be Hypoallergenic. The German Indian Dog  has a wide variety of Colors and coat lengths. The German Indian Dog has much better recall than the NAID (RECALL IS TO COME WHEN CALLED) will in general bark at a uninvited stranger in your yard or house. The German Indian Dog is so much more Trainable over the NAID. You can get a German Indian Dog that looks just like a German Shepherd or a NAID, the coloring is depending on the percentage of NAID and also the color of the parents. Great with your family and other dogs. German Indian Dogs are great with Children.  German Indian Dogs are just a very Awesome Dog and the best of what I breed. German Indian Dog males weigh on average from 85lbs to 100 lbs., females on average from 70 lbs. to 80 lbs.



Native American Indian Dog

The NAID is the most Hypoallergenic breed on the Planet, even more so than the Poodle. NAID's come in a wide variety of colors and coat lengths, they are a very smart breed, but most are very head strong and stubborn. The NAID needs plenty of room to run and play off leash. The NAID is great with other dogs and children. If you own a NAID, give it lots of socialization, take it as many places as you can. NAID's in general have no recall off leash in a public environment. I breed very few full NAID's, I prefer a Breed with Recall, so I mainly breed the German Indian Dog.



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