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Clint and Annette Little

After 18 years of being a full time Kennel, we are now a part time Kennel. We're still home full time with the Dogs, but no longer are we breeding full time and depending on Puppy sales for a living. The Business side of a Kennel is lots of stress, so we are very much looking forward to a life with much less stress. We will be breeding acording to Sales and our available time. 

 We Love each Puppy we raise like it was the only Puppy we have. I Drive each Puppy out to each buyer all over America. We are Located in Clinton, Arkansas. We have bred German Shepherds since 2001 and the Native American Indian Dog since 2009. I was in the Pet Transport business for 9 Years and delivered over 4,500 Puppies and Dogs from other Breeders to their Buyers. In 2012 I decided to stop the Pet Transport and focus only on my Dogs and deliver only my Puppies.

 The German Indian Dog is our main focus and the Breed we are most Passionate about.  We do it to Produce the Best Breed Possible and still be Hypoallergenic. We use Import Lines for our German Indian Dog, most of our German Shepherd lines we have owned for 15 years and are Schutzhund Titled Lines. Now we have added more outside World Class Working Lines into our Breeding.

We strive to produce the best Puppies Possible and always try to improve everything we do. We start with the Healthiest Dog on the Planet, the Native American Indian Dog, we add the German Shepherd for trainability, most NAID'S are not that Trainable. The combination makes a much better Dog. You must call me to buy a Puppy, I do not sell Puppies over Emails.

We do it the Right Way, and we are only  looking for Homes that want to continue it the " Right Way ".  

These are NOT wolf dogs. 



 I will not fly a Puppy as cargo for no price. I drive my Puppies to all my buyers. If you google flying puppies as cargo you can see how sick it is, what they go through is horrible, I Love my babies way too much for that. I care where my Puppies end up very much. In some cases I come to your house and the Puppy will play with you and your family for awhile while I'm there, then I will go on to my next buyer. Sometimes I just don't have the time to come to your house and you may have to drive out to meet me along my route. 

Crates, I will not sell you a puppy if you plan on putting it in a crate while your at work or asleep, these Breeds go crazy in a Crate. I also will not sell you one if your going to lock it in one room of the house while you are home are gone.


Our Puppy Facility  

We call this The Play Pen, 24ft. x 32ft. The Puppies love paying with all their toys in this. Built the summer of 2017


Here is our Large exercise runs 150 foot long