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After The Deposit 

This Page is to lay out how we move forward after the Deposit is sent in for a Puppy on a particular Litter. 

After the litter is born:
If we have say 6 Puppies, but we have 8 Deposits for this litter, then Deposits 7 and 8 have to move on to another litter. 
First Deposit gets first pick, second Deposit  gets second pick and so on. 

I will contact each person when the litter is born to inform you on how many Puppies were born ect....
You can call me anytime to ask how the Puppies are doing. 

Picking The Litter;
This works at 2 different times depending on if the entire litter is sold or not sold. If all Puppies in the litter are sold then the first pictures are normally at 3 to 4 weeks of age, but you will Not pick your Puppy at this time. At around 6 weeks of age I will take the second round of pictures and you will pick from those pictures who gets what Puppy. I will contact each Family to inform you that I have taken the pictures.  

If all Puppies are not sold when the litter is born then the picking time frame is at my discretion, this can be from 1 week to 3 weeks of age.  This has to be done at an early age so I can then list what Puppy is available in order to sell the available Puppies in the litter. 

When I take the pictures I let each Family know that I have taken the pictures and inform you when the picking process begins. Each Family gets a call from me to inform them when it's their turn to pick, you get 1 hour to look at all the available puppies and choose yours, if in 1 hour you can't decide, then I have to move on to the next Family and you loose your picking place, but most Families pick in under 10 minutes.

Texting Me For New Pictures;
Texting me for new pictures doesn't make me run out and take new pictures, I take more pictures than almost any breeder you will find, but I can't get into the taking new pictures each week because someone asked, I wish I could because I Love showing them off, but I have responsibilities around here that override pictures, like the Raw Feeding and that takes time each day especially when the Puppies get older, Plus a clean environment is top priority, hands on each Puppy enteracting with them daily,  getting the van and trailer ready to do a week long delivery trip, getting the Raw Diet cut in very small pieces, bagged and tagged for the delivery trip. I do lots of things that some other breeder might not do, like the Raw Diet Daily, taking quality pictures, not cell phone pictures while someone holds the Puppy. I put time into my pictures, so I can't be taking new pictures every week. PLEASE PLEASE do not ask for pictures or videos more than I'm already doing. If you ask I will have no choice but to call you and that call isn't good for you or me. 

When I take new pictures I will contact you so you know to go look at them, this saves you checking every single day for new pictures. After viewing the new pictures I EXPECT a text stating something to the effect that you have seen them and enjoyed the new pictures, if I get nothing back from you after you see new pictures or a new video, well I think you just don't like what you see, or just not too excited, I feed off of your excitement, lots of excitement back to me = more pictures and videos as I can do it, no excitement back = not much in the way of new videos or pictures. I have noticed that when I show new pictures and videos too often I don't get as much excitement back...sortof burn people out on looking at so many pictures. So Please don't hold back each time you see new pictures or a new video text me something to show me my work is worth doing. I want very excited Families getting my babies. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and it will notify you when I post the first Video of the litter!! I do Not notify you each time after that. Subscribe to the channel and have you tube give you notifications as to when I post a new video YouTube will notify you most of the time, but not always, so therefor I need you to text or call me about you seeing the new video, that way I know you have seen it and that saves me calling you to ask if you have seen the new video. I want to make sure you get to see each video or no point in me posting them. So Please text me ASAP when you see a new video. 

Pictures normally are taken at around 3 weeks and 6 weeks of age and that's all we guarantee on pictures, each round of pictures will be at least 10 good quality pictures. Any number of photos or rounds of photos in addition to this is just bonus pictures.
I guarantee 3 videos of each litter, but normally do much more than that, again anything more than 3 videos is bonus videos.

Text vs Calls:
You can text me anytime with things like:
Hope the Puppies are doing good. Give my Puppy a hug for me. I seen the new video and the Puppies look happy ect.. 
If you text me questions I have to call you because most questions have to be answered with a back and forth on the phone, I just don't like doing the Puppy Business over texting, I don't sell them by text or conduct much of my Business over texting. It's just way too hard to explain things by texting. So basically if you text me a question, your phone will ring with me calling you to answer, so don't text me if you don't want your phone to ring. 

I expect to hear from each Family from time to time after the Puppies are born. If I see the only time we talk is when I reach out to you, that's just not gonna end up working out for us and I will send back your deposit. Maybe you have a few questions from time to time, please call me and I will answer them. Don't keep all your questions until right before you get your Puppy. 

Calls From Me:
When the litter is around 3 to 4 weeks of age I reach out to each Family to go over the Raw Diet, by this time you need to have found all your meat sources, and have the food scales and shop shears in, please don't procrastinate on these important things. At around 2 to 3 weeks before the litter leaves here I call you and we go over all the final things. I highly recommend  you do some reading again on the website to refresh yourself on the things you need to know. I will be asking you questions about things you have agreed to do and when you are to do them, one needs to know the right answers, if not it's all a waste of time, one can't do the right things if one can't remember when to do what ect...

The Importance Of My Calls:
When I'm calling you to have these big talks on the Raw Diet or other things this call must be of an importance to you. I can't chase down each person with several attempts to reach them with no answer or returned call. This call has valuable information for you that I give up my time for each purchaser. One has to make these calls a Top Priority.

Finding The Right Veterinarian: 
This is a very important thing to do, not just any Veterinarian you find will agree with you feeding a Raw Diet, some think they have the right to make you feed dry kibble. Search for the right Veterinarian, I promise you will be happy to find the right Vet for you and your Puppy. It really makes a big difference if your Veterinarian agrees with you feeding the Raw Diet or wants to debate it with you every time you come in. Be Firm and Bold about the Raw Feeding, don't be shy about feeding Raw to your Veterinarian. Stand your ground and if they are not good with you feeding a Raw Diet, move on to another Vet. I promise you can find one that feeds their own Dog A Raw Diet. 

Date Of Receiving Your Puppy:
I will let you know what day I think you will be receiving your Puppy as soon as I know, but this isn't always known several weeks in advance. Once all the Puppies are sold then I at least know my route, then it depends on that particular litter...when they are ready. You need your Veterinarian Appointment to be on the 3rd. or 4th. day after receiving your Puppy, so I gotta let you know as soon as I can, but normally this isn't known 4 weeks in advance. 

Things You Need Purchase 
Call me anytime you have questions about this. Sometimes a Family will have 36 toys, but nothing ready for the Raw Diet, you need food scales, preferably with a nice size dish to hold the meat, we get ours at Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.00, you need a nice pair of shop shears, we get ours at Home Depot in the tools section they are Black and Red, the Brand is WISS these things will cut so good you will be happy you got them and they cost around $15.00 , also Auto Zone parts store for cars has a very good shop shear, the brand is Duralast with blue handles. You need a good serrated blade knife. You need to be looking way in advance for Raw Turkey Drums and other meats as well. Sometimes you gotta ask the Meat Department Manager about ordering the Turkey Drums and other meats as well. I will not let a Puppy go to a Home that doesn't have Turkey Drums at home. Call me anytime to go over these things. Procrastination on the important items is not good. 

The Australian Indian Dog Breed seems to Love a Doggie Bed, most German Indian Dog prefer the cold floor.  

NuVet Supplements; 
The NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus/NuJoint DS needs to be ordered and at the Home several weeks before the Puppy arrives. We Recommend you get the Wafers, they eat them like Candy. 

Pine Shavings;
The pine shavings is a must have before the Puppy arrives, we get ours at Tractor Supply Co. and this must be Pine, no other type shavings. 

Kiddie Pool; 
The kiddie pool is a must have if the temp is 70 degrees or warmer, this needs to be there when the Puppy arrives.  

 Delivering Your Puppy To You; 
Most of our Litters leave here around  10 to 11 weeks of age, some are even older leaving here. 8 weeks is the minimum that a Puppy can cross State lines and we just don't take Puppies out at that minimum age. The older Puppy is Bigger, Stronger, More Confident, More Socialized, just a all around better Puppy for you. 

I will let you know what day I think you will be receiving your Puppy as soon as I know, but this isn't always known several weeks in advance. Once all the Puppies are sold then I at least know my route, then it depends on that particular litter...when they are ready. You need your Veterinarian Appointment to be on the 3rd. or 4th. day after receiving your Puppy, so I gotta let you know as soon as I can, but normally this isn't known 4 weeks in advance.
You will be informed as to when I'm leaving here and also I will be giving you updates along the way. I can't tell you the hour that I will arrive until I'm only a few hours away, but I will keep you updated so you're not just sitting around wondering when I might be near by. 
When we meet up somewhere it's not like a 10 minute meet and go, the Puppy has to get to know you some, this takes about at an hour at the trailer or more, at the Home I will normally stay 1.5 to 2 hours with the Puppy at your house. With the Covid-19 it's getting more complicated having the meet ups, most probably don't want in my trailer for an extender period of time, this we will work out. 

Calling Me When I'm In Route With Your Puppy:
Please feel free to call me when I'm on the delivery trip. It will seem very Odd To Me if you do not ever call me to see how the trip is going. I Love excited People that are showing me their excitement when their new baby is on it's way. I can't respond to text when I'm driving on these delivery trips.

After Receiving Your Puppy:
It's very hard for me to drive away leaving one of my babies behind, so please keep me informed after you receive your Puppy and I will be calling you normally on the day you recieve the Puppy to see how it's doing and again the next day. Please send pictures like you agreed to do after receiving your Puppy. I do take these calls very serious so please answer or call me back ASAP. I find sometimes the only calls I get are when a Family now needs help with a issue and now is willing to call and take up my time and I will be more than willing to help you if you have also called to inform me on how the Puppy is doing and sent me pictures along the way, but if one hasn't then I'm not responding and giving up my time. I Basically Only want to sell a Puppy to someone who is Happy to call me with updates after receiving the Puppy. I will always be here for those that send me pictures, updates..ect.. I don't give my time to anyone that breaks the Contract.