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Sales Contract is at the bottom of this page. 





Call Name: Merle 

AKC Registered Name: Merle's Momma Tried 

Color: Blue Merle 

Height: 21.5 Inches 

Weight: 57 lbs. 

Merle has 1 Grand Champion and 6 Champions in his 4 Generation Pedigree

Merle's Dad: Robert's Ranch I Walk The Line 

Merle's Mom: Robert's Ranch Duke's Fancy 

Merle's Paw Print Genetics is all clear on the Aussie Panel except for a Carrier of DM (Not Effected) 

Merle is a very happy and loving boy, but he's also a very Brave, Confident Boy as well. Merle has 1 Blue Eye and 1 Blue Marble Eye. Merle is a solid Muscular boy with a short broad muzzle. Merle has a Full White Collar. 

Call Name: Lola 

AKC Registered Name: Pedigree's Our Lady Lola 

Paw Print Genetics Aussie Panel Clear Of All Genetics Faults through Parentage.

Color: Black Tri 

Height: 19.5 Inches 

Weight: 35 lbs. 

Lola's Dad: Lone Star's Shotgun Ryder

Lola's Mom: Lone Star's Dixie On My Mind 

Lola has 1 Grand Champion and 1 Champion in her 4 generation pedigree  

Lola is such a character, sweet and playful, just a delight to be around. Lola is sure to put a smile on your face the instant you meet her. Lola has a big Full White Collar, which makes her a very Flashy Girl. We purchased Lola on August 1st. from the great state of Texas, so she's still in her summer coat. Lola is Loving her Raw Diet Daily, soon her coat will be amazing. 


                                                                                       Happy Bend Kennel

                                   Australian Shepherd Sales Contract 


1.    SALES PRICE:$_________________________ 

2.    DEPOSIT: Purchaser agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit of $400.00 by U.S. Postal Money Order. The funds shall be delivered to Seller by Priority Mail with the United States Postal Service.  The balance of the purchase price is due in cash at the time of delivery. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS MAKE SURE YOU WANT THIS PUPPY. Seller reserves the right to refuse the sale of said Puppy even upon delivery.

3.    REPLACEMENT OF PUPPY: If a puppy has to be euthanized within the first two years of life due to a genetic defect that Surgery can't give a  quality of Life , then a replacement puppy will be given to purchaser by Seller. Hip Dysplasia is included in this even though Hip Dysplasia isn't always genetic. If said Dog is Diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia the Radiographs Must show Proper Positioning. If upon viewing the Radiographs, I see improper Positioning then the Radiographs must be sent to Dr. Lonnie L. Davis to be viewed in Troy, OH. Upon his findings of said Radiographs the determination of Proper or Improper Positioning will be determined. No Puppy will be replaced without Proper Precise Positioning when X-Rays are performed for Hip Evaluation.  If  determined by Orthopedics Specialist said  Puppy/Dog  can not undergo Hip Surgery there will be no refund in money, a Replacement Puppy will be  given free to purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible for all shipping expenses with respect to a replacement puppy.

Purchaser shall supply to Seller a verified statement from a D.V.M. stating the specific genetic defect which caused the puppy to be euthanized and the date of euthanization and Sellers Veterinarian must concur. No Puppy/dog shall be euthanized  just to get a free new Puppy.  If Surgery can give said Puppy/Dog a Quality of Life then that must be done. All of our Australian Shepherds have their Paw Print Genetic Aussie Panel and are cleared of all Aussie Genetic faults. 


a.                Purchaser must give puppy/Dog the daily supplement NuVet Plus and Nu Joint Plus for the first 2 years of life while under Health Guarantee or Guarantee is Void. These items must be ordered at 800-474-7044 using discount code 40005. Purchaser  Must have these items ordered and at their home prior to the delivery of the puppy.  

b.                Purchaser has 72 - 96 hours in which to have the puppy checked by a Veterinarian. Happy Bend Kennel is not responsible for any veterinarian bills or treatments. 

c.                Said dog shall not be spayed or neutered sooner than 12 months of age.  

d.               I'm Purchasing without breeding rights      Yes _________   

                  I'm Purchasing with breeding rights           Yes _________  (For Approved Breeders Only) 

e.   After receiving your Puppy it's mandatory within 4 hours to give us a phone call for a update on how the Puppy is doing (Not A Text). It's mandatory by noon the following day that we receive another call on how the Puppy is doing (Not A Text).

f.                Purchaser can not take said Puppy out into the World of Dog Diseases like Parvo until 14 weeks of age. Any Place another Dog has walked in the last 12 months is at risk of being exposed to Parvo.                

5.           Treatment of Puppy:

 a..         The puppy/dog will not be crated in a small cage or crate. If crate is used it must be the largest crate to allow the Puppy to move around, a crate/wire cage that will hold a 200 lb. dog is approved by Happy Bend Kennel for a Aussie, but not for living in all day or all night. 

b.            The puppy/dog will be fed in an appropriate manner and shall receive proper  Nutrition and Veterinarian care from purchaser.  

6.            If the puppy must be re-homed in the first year of life Happy Bend Kennel  must approve of any new home and  be in possession of New Sales Contract prior to Puppy/Dog  leaving it's original Home or be returned to Happy Bend Kennel. Happy Bend Kennel must approve of the new ownership. We are not in the Business of placing Puppies in Homes to then be Rehomed, this is a life long commitment.   


a.                The terms of this agreement shall take precedence over any other written materials or discussions between Seller and Purchaser which occurred prior to the execution of this agreement.


a.                Merger and Modification: This document is the entire agreement of the parties. All prior discussions, negotiations and representations are merged within the terms of this agreement.


OBLIGATIONS. Any modification must be in writing and signed by both Purchaser and Seller.

e.         By signing this legal binding Contract you are assuming Ownership for the life of said Puppy. You are in Agreement that said Puppy will never be placed in any type Rescue Facility/Shelter. 


Happy Bend Kennel

Clint Little


All lines must be filled out 

Printed Name of Purchaser:_________________________________________





Signature of Purchaser:__________________________________________