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Puppy Delivery

I hand deliver all my Puppies all over the US to each buyer.

Most all delivery fees for East of Arkansas are $500.00

West of Arkansas is $650.00 to $850.00

For West deliveries, I get very few calls from West of Arkansas, so it limits me going out West, and when I do go it's normally with fewer Puppies, with higher price gas and mountains, so this is the reason for the higher price.

For East Coast deliveries I go as far North East as Newburgh, NY. and as far south as Jacksonville, FL.

When I do go West it's normally out to Denver, sometimes on to Salt Lake area, then on to CA. 

Sometimes I only run out I-40 to Barstow, CA. and meet each Family from CA. at one stop. 

The Transport Delivery Fee is not included in the sale price of the Puppy.
We have a nice trailer with Heat and Air. Puppies are Never put in Crates. I was in the Pet Transport Industry for 9 Years.