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German Indian Dog

The German Indian Dog was created here at Happy Bend Kennel, the first litter was born 8-25-2012

German Indian Dog's are a mix with the Native American Indian Dog and German Shepherd.

The German Indian Dog is a Registered Breed.

All my German Indian Dog's have German CH. Bloodlines on the German Shepherd side.

This breed is still Hypoallergenic and will make a better watch dog and they have much better recall. They are more loyal dogs and the best of all my Breeds.

I have been a huge fan of the German Shepherd Dog all my Life. When I first started Breeding Dogs, the German Shepherd was my first Breed to buy for Breeding. I Love every single thing about them, their Loyalty, their recall to come when called in any situation, the fact that they would rather be at your side than running down the street to play with the neighbors Dog ect.... When you take a Great Breed like the German Shepherd and add it to the NAID you get a much better Dog, now you have a Dog that is much more trainable than a full NAID. The German Indian Dog is my Passion in what I breed. I don't just Breed them because they sell good.

BEWARE: If a Breeder tells you they have half German Shepherds x NAID's. It should be GUARANTEED HYPOALLERGENIC, or it is not a German Indian Dog. You should be getting Registration Papers for the Puppy. At minimum you should receive a copy of each Parents Papers, this way you can see if this Puppy really comes from a TRUE NAID. It's easy to say this litter is half NAID and then never show you any proof. All my German Indian Dog Puppies comes with Registration papers with both parents name and registration numbers on it. Any Breeder that sells Puppies should have a website and Registration Papers at least on the Parents of each Litter.