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                                    Thunder x Kree Litter   German Indian Dog




I cannot even begin to tell you what a privilege it was working with you guys to purchase one of your puppies. I researched the German Indian Dog (on your site) for about 6 months before contacting you. Bauer is now almost 8 months old (75 lbs) and is a stunner. From the second Bauer was brought home (in the middle of a blizzard), he has brought nothing but joy and adventure to my life. I grew up with German Shepard’s, but was always plagued with severe pet allergies. I have always been a dog lover, but after our last Shepard, I was reluctant to even think about getting a dog for myself because I wouldn’t be able to bare it, well a cool dog anyway. I would break out in hives and my lungs would fill up with dander and I’d have to leave the house just to be able to get a breathe of air. That all changed when I stumbled across your website last summer. I was in the middle of buying my first house last summer, but promised myself when I was settled in, I was giving you guys a call.  


Fast forward to January of this year, I gave Clint a call on a Friday afternoon. I saw this cute, black fluffball on the site and said to myself, “that’s the one!”. I was super nervous because this was the first time I had actually reached out to Clint, the previous year was just an extreme want/dream for a dog, but this was the first step into actually going through with it. This call turned into a 2.5 hour conversation with Clint. I had two major concerns going in. 1. Allergies and 2. Raw diet (I didn’t have experience with this). After that phone call, I was so confident because of Clint’s legacy and knowledge with this breed, that I put a deposit on Bauer that weekend. To this day, I have not had a single breakout due to allergies. Simply amazing. I’ll admit, I was skeptical. But, my god was I proven wrong. As for the raw diet, after talking with Clint and doing research on some of the material he provided and a bit of my own, I will never feed anything but Raw to my dogs. This diet gives them the nutrition that their genetics yearn for. His coat, his teeth, his bones, his muscles, and general energy is all a product of this diet. He is the healthiest dog I have ever seen or owned. That conversation changed my life. The rest is history. Clint braved the storm of the year that weekend to drive up to the Northeast with trailer full of pups to deliver me my best friend, Bauer.


For anyone that is looking for a large breed dog, look no further. The GID is the best breed of dog I have ever laid my eyes on; for a couple reasons. The mannerisms, recall, intelligence, emotional, and physical beauty of these dogs is astounding. I cannot take Bauer for a walk around the neighborhood, through the trails by my house, to the park, or anywhere really and not get stopped by every dog lover to ask about him. Everyone notices the Shepard look right off the bat, but the story of this breed is even cooler. I tell them about Happy Bend Kennel. Bauer has loved every person he’s met. He is part of my family forever. I cannot think Clint and Annette enough for the joy that they have brought into my life. I can own a cool dog and not be tortured by my allergies. The time and effort they have put into these dogs is unfathomable. Lastly, if you’re new to owning a dog, Clint is your guy. He will answer your phone calls and always give you the most sound advice for you and your dog. He made this process as painless as humanly possible. Simply because he loves his pups just as much as you. Buy a Happy Bend Kennel pup, because in 6 months’ time, you’ll feel as obligated as I to write a testimonial as I am right now. They will change your life.




Marc Paradise & Bauer                           

                                                     Olka x Thunder


Hi Clint & Annette, 
Words can't express how thankful we are to have crossed your path at Happy Bend Kennel. We purchased a German Indian Dog (50/50 mix - Olka & Thunder litter almost 3 weeks ago).  I can't tell you how thrilled we are with our puppy (now almost 14 weeks old). He is the most docile, well tempered, friendly, lovable puppy I've known! He is just the sweetest! He has not one negative issue... truly pure perfection!!! I thought I had mis-read the facts of being able to own a large breed dog and yet have no doggie smell, bad breath and guaranteed hypoallergenic (for our daughter who is allergic to pets...). I desired to have a large dog, but I didn't want the typical short hair shedding that comes along with most of those dogs, and they always smell... Don't get me wrong, if my daughter wasn't allergic to them, and we had fallen in love with a large dog, I would have dealt with it as that is way more important. However, when researching shepherds and trying to find a large dog breed that was hypoallergenic, we found our home with Happy Bend Kennel! I think this breed of dog is for everyone and it needs to be more popular! The naitive american indian dog has such a beautiful look and fluffy coat, but the German Shepherd breed is the smartest and most trainable...(which is why they are Police K-9's) this breed is the best of the best!! 
We waited almost 1 year for the right timing for our family events happening, and also for the right litter... and Olka/Thunder is by far the best!! Any 50/50 German Indian Dog in my opinion is the best it can get! They created amazing beautiful pups! The markings on our "Simba" are just gorgeous! We surprised our teens with him and they were overjoyed and so thankful to your Kennel for having the best of both worlds! He immediately has become part of our family, and within 48 hours he was doing "potty on command"! It really does work! Your wisdom to this breed and insight to dogs in general, far surpasses the average breeder. Your personal care, love & dedication for what you do truly shows...these pups were all so well cared for when we all received them personally by you...they were all so happy, gentle and so well mannered... I was truly shocked! 
I can't say enough about how much we have learned from you... and the raw diet is absolutely worth every cent! It does not cost a whole lot more when you compare it out with the benefits you receive in the long run. Better teeth, coat, no bad breath and overall well being of eating what thet instinctively would eat in the wild....it's the best choice for them! It will certainly cut down on vet bills too... as they weren't meant to eat the stuff that fills the shelves of grocery stores. It took us a lot of pets and years to grasp this concept,as like most of us, we grew up doing what we were taught. Our prior dog who passed away used to catch and eat animals from the woodsyard all the time, as it's what he naturally desired above the kibble that we had been feeding him. Who knows how he gotten cancer....I'm sure adding things that don't help their immune systems was a result in that...along with many other contributers in our environment...so I am thankful to finally know and understand the reality of why dogs should eat this way. 
Your resources on your website are a treasure and even though we are still new owners, we have been in contact with you for over a year waiting for the right time...and we have watched the consistency & integrity of your Kennel all throughout that time and we have the highest respect for your dedication & care for detail in educating us... The financial investment that you & your wife make into your dogs & pups shows how much you truly care... and we are benefitting from this when we receive them personally! We can't thank you enough! I will always brag about this breed as the best of the best! I hope more folks could believe that it's not too good to be true...and that it really is true possible to own a German Shepherd who is hypoallergenic and won't shed and smell! It's amazing!! I will continue to keep you updated and share this dream come true as "Simba" ages... to show folks his progress and model of what a GID is!!
Thank you , and all the Best to your family for making the sacrifices they've had to make for you to do what you do...
R. Bleakley & Family - NY



                                                         Ivanka x Ramos Litter

My daughter is allergic to dogs! She is able to kiss, carry, and love on our 50/50 German Shepherd/native American Indian dog. That in itself is amazing, but it doesn't compare to how loving and kind and smart our newest family member is. Our sweet baby has filled a space in our hearts that we didn't know was empty. His desire to please and willingness to obey is unbelievable.
      I jokingly say he's the smartest family member! The hard work Clint and his wife put into this amazing breed is beyond evident. We have greatly appreciated all of their efforts to educate us on what is best for our dog. He requires a lot from clients because these are special dogs that deserve special homes.
       We are grateful to Happy Bend Kennel and so very much in love with our boy. The expense, devotion, and research are well worth it.
                                     Kristan, Nick, and MG


                                                             Yesenia x Thunder Litter

My family and I have been looking for a family dog for SEVEN years.  My youngest daughter has allergies, and we just did not like any of the other hypoallergenic breeds, and did not get a good vibe from many of the breeders we talked with.  Many of the other breeders seemed more concerned with taking our deposit, than answering questions or providing information about their dogs.  We almost accepted the fact that having a dog was not in our future, until we found Clint Little and Happy Bend Kennel.  

After visiting his website, reading all of the helpful information, watching the videos, and seeing all of his beautiful pups, we were quite interested in finding out more about the German Indian Dog.  After calling Clint, we knew we had found the place were we would purchase our pup.  We could tell how passionate he was about this breed, and knew that this was not just another breeder who cared more about the money than the puppies.  When we decided on our pup, Clint was available day and night to answer any questions we had.  He posted numerous pictures and videos of our pup, and we could see that our pup was loved and happy.  I was ecstatic to discover that he drives the pups to you himself, which shows he truly cares about the well being of these dogs.  

Fast forward to the day we received our pup.....Clint provided us with all of the paperwork, and answered any questions we still had.  I even had a question a week later, and Clint was still available to provide helpful information day or night.  Our Happy Bend pup is from the Yesenia X Thunder litter, and we named him Kona.  He is the most uniquely beautiful, happy, loving, healthiest, smartest pup I have ever met (which seems to be the breed standard with all of Clint's pups!). My daughter, I am happy to report, has not had any sort of allergy reaction to Kona, and she loves him to pieces.  

We followed Clint's advice on potty training (which is listed on the website) and our pup was potty trained in 2 DAYS!!!....And I know that the raw diet may seem intimidating, but it is so incredibly easy when you follow Clint's guidelines. All of the information is on the website, and Clint is there to help should you have questions. Trust me when I say it is actually EASIER to feed the raw diet, because you can just buy the dog's food when you buy your own (no need to go to a separate pet shop to buy kibble).  Our pup devours his raw meal and is one of the healthiest pups I have ever had.  You will discover that when feeding the raw diet, poop is so easy to pick up because the diet makes it firm and almost odorless!! ....and the diet helps to decrease shedding!  

We feel truly blessed to have found Clint and Happy Bend Kennel.  I will never buy from anyone other than Clint Little at Happy Bend Kennel, nor will I buy any other breed than the German Indian Dog.  When you buy from Happy Bend, you are not only getting a beautiful, unique, healthy pup......you are becoming part of a family that will be there to answer questions throughout the life of your pup.  So, if you are looking to buy an incredible puppy, from an incredible breeder, your search is over with Happy Bend Kennel.

-Jilanna M. Humphrey-


                                                            Nuala x Ramos Litter

First and foremost I would like to thank you Clint, and family, for how amazing you are. Everything from your care of the dogs before delivery, to the delivery, and the support, tips, and suggestions you have given us post delivery. I really feel I can call you any time with questions or concerns which is such a good felling.  I understand that by you delivering each puppy as close as you can get to the buyers takes time away from your home and your family and I appreciate that more than you'll ever know. You always do what is best for the dogs and that shows that you truly care and love what you do! Now onto the dogs. When I tell you that these are the best dogs ever, I mean it. Not only are they stunning looking dogs, (we get compliments everywhere we go) they have awesome personalities and temperament. They are great with everyone they have met and so gentle with the kids. They seriously are the sweetest dogs ever and hypoallergenic, what more could you ask for in a dog! We picked up our first German Indian Dog from Clint in February of 2017, fell in love with him so much, as crazy as it sounds, three weeks later we were meeting Clint again for our second dog and we couldn't be more happy! I'm so thrilled I came across Happy Bend Kennel in our search for a puppy and I would recommend Happy Bend Kennel 100%

Kellie, Derek, Recchi and Ryleigh McHugh
Nuala and Ramos Litter 12/17/16


                                                        Amber x Quest Litter

First I would like to thank you Clint for developing the German Indian Dog.  We are so very blessed to have Cooper in our lives.  I have had numerous dogs; from puppies from the Humane Society to pedigreed Golden Retrievers and never would have thought he would be the most intelligent loving dog I have ever had.

Cooper is loved by the groomer he is one of the few the she will allow to roam the shop, everyone that comes in loves him.  Our vet said he is one of the nicest breeds if not the nicest she has ever dealt with, she has at least two in her practice and loves taking care of them.

We have taken in a young couple she was pregnant and it was something to watch Cooper he would rest his head on her stomach and when the young woman was having problems he would not leave her side.  The baby is now 6 months old I have never seen a dog be so patient and loving no matter what she does like pull his hair she gets kisses, if she cries he goes and sits by her.   

I could fill this page Clint about how amazing he is and I know without a doubt if we ever get another puppy the only one I would ever consider would be a German Indian Dog.  

Again I can’t thank you enough for him he has made our life complete!

Susanne Epson


                                                       Samba x Ramos Litter 

When I say that these dogs are the best dogs ever, I mean it. The minute I met Alpine I knew right away that he was going to be the perfect addition to my family. He is the most playful and hilarious puppy I have ever met. There is literally not a day that goes by without someone stopping me on our daily walks, asking what kind of dog this is and complimenting how beautiful he is. His beauty isn't just on the outside, he is so friendly with not only people but with every single dog he has met. However at the same time, even at such a young age he is protective over me. Whenever someone approaches he sits right on my feet, always separating me from anything coming and will not move until he is comfortable... all of this at only 5 months! Clint has also been amazing since day 1. I have never met a breeder that is so devoted to the dogs he sells. He doesnt just sell the dog and wave goodbye. Hes there to help through the whole journey of raising the puppy. He truly cares about the health of the dog and family that cares for the dogs. He will take the time out of his life to answer any questions you have, no matter how small. The German Indian dog group is really like a family, you really can't find anything like this. Thank you so much Clint and to everyone who has one of these amazing dogs.
- Samantha, Ryan & Alpine (Ramos-Samba litter 8/30/16)


                               Olka x Thunder Litter

The family at Happy Bend Kennel is the best group of people that my mom and I have ever dealt with. Clint is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He continues to answer questions and genuinely cares about the well being of all of his puppies. I can't say enough nice things about Clint and Happy Bend Kennel. 
My mom and I got a German Indian Dog from the Olka/Thunder litter born 3/15/16. We named him Chewbacca "Chewie." He is the best dog. Not only is he stunningly handsome, but he has the greatest personality and temperament. He is fantastic with all people no matter what age, and he loves my cats, too. He enjoys playing with other dogs, and he is super friendly. He loves to play, swim, eat and cuddle. Khaleesi(my 2 year old NAID) and Chewie play all of the time in my back yard, and they get along so well. Chewie is super intelligent and learns very fast. He was house trained in one week with only two accidents in the house. Chewie will sit, down, stay, stand, give paw, leave it, and come on command. He does fantastic on walking on a leash on the trail and through the neighborhood.
My mom is allergic to most dogs, but she has no problems burying her face in Chewie's wonderful coat. We always get compliments on his beauty and behavior. He is a great addition to our family. We are so thankful he is in our lives. They truly are a wonderful breed.

Thank you for all that you do,

Lauren and Toni


                                 Dancer x Quest Litter

I am the proud mother to Timber, a two-year old German Indian Dog (GID).  I wanted a dog that was good with people and other dogs, long lived, easy to care for and a great companion for our family.  What I didn’t expect are some of the things that I find I love most about Timber.  First off, he has magic hair.  Yes, magic hair!  Most of the year I see hardly any dog hair on the floor but in summer he does shed a little.  I expect that with any dog.  What I didn’t expect was the no dog smell.  Timber has no dog smell at all.  I get him bathed every other month and that’s it.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to come home and NOT smell dog.  Don’t get me wrong, I would have happily accepted any smell Timber came with but it simply isn’t there.  I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but I like a clean house and this was an unexpected and delightful benefit.  

As for his abilities as a family companion I could go on forever.  I take long walks in the morning and Timber is a wonderful partner.  I meet people all the time asking about Timber.  What kind of dog he is and what he is like?  He is truly stunning, handsome and always smiling.  I find that I get stopped once or twice so that people can meet him and give him a pet.  Even when we meet little kids, babies or other dogs, Timber is always polite and relaxed.  Just amazing!  Once when a woman came up to us with a 10-month-old baby she asked if they could pet Timber.  I said yes and the next thing I knew, Timber laid down and let the baby pet and prod all his facial features and ears.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have confidence with my dog in a situation like that.  I have always had nice dogs, but for some reason Timber is just different.  

From what I can gather, they are all this way.  Even when a less than nice dog approaches us, Timber is chill.  Just yesterday I ran into an elderly couple with a rescued little white fluff ball of a dog and they ask to meet Timber because they were working on their dog’s anti-social anxiety/fear.  We walked up, their dog began to jump and bark but all the while Timber just stood there waiting for it to get used to him.  The lady told me she had met us before and knew Timber would be great for their rescue to meet.  

Another wonderful but unexpected characteristic of Timber is that he is very quiet.  He rarely barks at all.  The only times he barks are when things are new or unexpected on or around our property, like a deer.  I will say that the only time he has ever sounded intimidating was when a coyote passed by our fence, then it was game on!   Having a young son, I was happy that he felt it necessary to defend our yard.  I can’t speak for all German Indian Dogs but ours is not a barker.

While researching the breed, I came across an article that called them spirit dogs.  It couldn’t have been a more accurate description.  Timber loves all of us but he is especially close to our son.  Even when we are at the dog park, Timber runs and plays and then checks to see where our son is at.  He may run back to him or continue to play, but I love the fact that he is always looking out for our son.  Well, all of us really.

Clint does a wonderful job with his puppies and it shows.  He was always available when I have a question and happily helped problem solve while I was learning the ins and outs of a raw food diet.  I also really love the Facebook page and reading about other owner’s experiences.  These dogs really need their own fan club!  Timber has quit the following in our neighborhood, everyone just loves him!

-Thank you, Clint, for everything!  

Best regards,

Michele R.


                               Kree x Thunder Litter

My wife and I searched all over looking for the perfect family dog, and we always came back to Happy Bend Kennel.  The love and care that Clint and his family gives to each and every dog was a huge reminder.  Sure you can go anywhere and just buy a dog, but when you look at Happy Bend you are bringing home a family member.  So much work is done to make sure all the dogs are healthy and bred safely.  I remember the first phone call to Clint, and it was wow, this guy absolutely loves what he is doing, and how he is doing it.  When he came to deliver our pup you could see how sad he was letting another one go after caring for it for 8 weeks.  We picked out our little one which was so hard not being able to interact with them, but the hours they spend taking pictures really showed every detail as if we were there.  Clint assured that each puppy is awesome and no matter which one comes home it will be perfect.  We loved getting updated pictures and videos of our puppy, seeing him grow and play with the others.  We have had our Boomer for a week now and it is really amazing how great this puppy really is.  So sweet, gentle, smart, and their coats are even softer than they look in the pictures!  Every day we get to see more and more of his personality come out as he gets used to his new home.  We all get excited when nap time is over and we get to play!  We are so happy and thankful we put our trust in Clint and his family at Happy Bend Kennel.  We gained a wonderful new family  member, a Facebook group of previous owners that love posting and commenting to each other, and our new friend Clint. 

                                             Thank you Happy Bend Kennel

                                             --Ed, Jami, and Brayden


                             Dayana x Thunder Litter 

Harvey our German Indian Dog (Dayana/Thunder, 50%/50%) just turned 10 months and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. We were very impressed with him from the first night Clint handed him over to us. As an 8 week old puppy, he was already chasing after tennis balls and bringing them back to us, we knew this dog was smart! We followed Clint’s advice from his website on potty training, and within 2-3 weeks Harvey was fully potty trained. He only had a handful of accidents those first couple of weeks in the house and most of them were our fault for not noticing his clear signs that he had to potty. We have never had any issues with him chewing up things he wasn’t supposed to, as he learned very quickly what toys were for chewing and what items were not. 

One of our favorite things about Harvey is how kind and friendly he is. He doesn’t have a mean or aggressive bone in his body and always wants to meet new people and dogs. He’s never growled at or bitten anyone and we feel 100% comfortable having kids of all ages come up and pet and play with Harvey. We also are able to bring Harvey with us to many public places without any worries. We have brought him with to restaurants, breweries, festivals, and other events and he is very calm and friendly in all of these situations. At home, he loves to be near us and follows us everywhere around the house. 

To be honest, we were skeptical of some of the traits of the German Indian Dog we had heard about, such as being hypoallergenic, having no doggie smell, and minimal shedding since it is a long hair breed. But we can attest that all of these traits are seen in Harvey. Danny has always been moderately allergic to dogs, but has had no reaction to Harvey whatsoever. He can lay on the floor with Harvey and literally have his face in his fur without any itching, rash, or watering eyes. When we dog-sat a golden retriever at our house Danny’s allergies kicked in within hours of the golden being in the house, which was another reminder to us how hypoallergenic the German Indian Dog breed really is. We are lucky to have access to a pool that Harvey swims in a couple times a week during the summer and definitely notice the absence of the “wet dog” smell. Our house and cars have never smelled like dog after Harvey being wet after swimming, running through sprinklers, or being soaked from rain. We really only give him baths occasionally if he gets dirty from being in mud or in sand. He’s never needed one for being stinky. The shedding truly is minimal. Harvey seemed to shed more for a couple weeks when he was losing his puppy coat around 4 months while he was transition to his adult fur, but besides that period it has been minimal. It does become noticeable after a few weeks without vacuuming, but it is nothing compared to the shedding we experienced growing up with golden retrievers or being around other breeds of dogs. We can play with him and snuggle with him without getting dog hair all over our clothes. We have never needed to use a lint brush on our clothes aside from the transition from his puppy coat to his adult fur. 

We can also verify how smart the German Indian Dog breed is. Harvey has excelled at puppy training, obedience training, tricks class and picks up on new skills and tricks very easily. He is very obedient and never wanders more than 15 feet away from us when he is off leash. He has also been amazing walking on a leash since day one. He rarely pulls when we walk with him and spends the entire walk right next to our sides. 

 We have gotten hundreds of compliments on Harvey—how pretty he is, how calm he is, how great he is with little kids, how loving he is, how well-behaved he is. We like to think that this is because of our efforts in training and socialization, but truthfully these traits are due to his breed. We couldn’t be more thankful to Clint and Happy Bend Kennels for breeding such amazing, loving, and smart companions.


                              Samba x Ramos Litter

Clint, Had to take a moment to tell you how grateful we are for the EXCELLENT care and love you give to every puppy you have! Neka, our German Indian dog is the most beautiful, friendly, smart, loving, dog we have ever had in our lives! When you hand delivered her to us, we got a puppy already trained to use the pine shavings so potty training has been pretty much already done! In 3 weeks 3 accidents that was more our fault than hers. She loves people, loves other dogs and the best part, she loves our grandchildren! She is so careful and loving to our 5 year old granddaughter and even our 9 month old grandson! On our first visit to the vet, the Dr. told us there are good, bad, horrible and excellent breeders and her exact words were " She is in great health, she came from an EXCELLENT breeder!! The vet was impressed with the quality care and organized record of everything about our sweet Neka. So relieved to not worry about allergies with the grand baby and it's so great to have an inside dog with no odor. Thank you for the photos and videos letting us see her grow as we waited to get her and for being a phone call away, ready to answer every question we had. Our puppy, Neka has brought so much joy to us and we Love her so much! Clint, your awesome and so is Happy Bend Kennel!!!!!!
 Once again, thank you so much!  David and Pat Noles (and Neka)


Clint's dogs are nothing short of a miracle.  Having a dog was impossible for us or so I thought.  My son William is highly allergic to dogs.  If a dog had even previously been at a hotel or a rental house that we were staying in, I knew immediately.  My 9 year old's eyes would swell and blotches would appear on his face.  And the sneezing would begin.  I had a German Shepherd when I was younger and desperately wanted my kids to experience the kind of love and devotion that a dog brings to a family.  We tried on 2 occasions to visit a breeder and pick out a puppy but each time ended in sadness as my son would have a reaction to the dogs.  As we drove home, he would cry that it was all his fault that we could not have a dog.  I took him to a pediatric allergist who confirmed his dog allergy (duh) and we discussed allergy shots.  The thought of taking him to a doctor every week for a shot seemed too much and even then there was no guarantee his allergy would no longer exist. We gave up.

One day a desperate search on the internet for hypoallergenic dogs led me to Clint.  I was blown away by the beauty of his dogs.  I thought we could only look at poodles or hairless dogs and even then he could still have a reaction.  Even if it worked, that type of dog was just not for us.  We just are not "poodle people".  But Clint's pups seemed too good to be true.  And that's exactly what I believed.  I had spoken to doctors who told me there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. I believed them but my husband insisted we give it a try.  Clint was so confident that he told us we could have a couple hours with the dog as a "test" before he left.  For weeks, I told friends and family that we were getting a puppy but I fully anticipated having to hand her back to Clint once my son's allergic reaction inevitably began. I dreaded the heartbreak as we would have to give up once again on our dreams of having a dog.

I told Clint repeatedly that this was not going to work and he was probably wasting his time driving all the way to Georgia to bring us our puppy.  Understandably he was frustrated with my inability to believe him and all the other people who had one of his puppies.  I thought we were different and we would be the first ones to have an allergic reaction to one of his dogs.

That was 6 months ago.  Our NAS Cairo is now a treasured member of our family.  Every time I see her licking the face of my highly allergic 9 year old son and hearing his delighted laughter, I cannot help but have tears in my eyes. My three boys refer to Cairo as "magical" and to us that's exactly what she is.  I could not have been more wrong.  Clint was right all along.  His dogs are truly miracles for those families who suffer with dog allergies.  I never thought I would see the day my son could lay on the sofa next to his dog.  William has had no reaction to her. He rolls around on the floor with her.  He sleeps on the sofa with her.  She jumps on him and showers him with affection every time he comes home from school.  There is no reaction from William except pure joy.

But being hypoallergenic is not all that's remarkable about Cairo.  As much as I love German Shepherds, my experience with the NAS is that they are even better breed especially for a family with young children.  Cairo never met a guest in our home that she did not shower with kisses and much tail wagging.  With my sons' friends coming over often, this was crucial.  She rarely barks and if she does we know something is up! She adores us and during the day while the boys are at school, she does not leave my side.  We go for walks together and take naps together. Even as a write this, she is across from me laying on the sofa (with her head on a pillow of course).

Thank you Clint for not giving up on me.  Thank you for trusting us that we deserved one of your beautiful and precious pups.  Cairo is a part of our family now.  The boys love her and I do too!          

Mary McKillip


                     William and Cairo



                                Kodiak x Yanina Litter


This little guy has proven to be just what you've described of a GID. Comes when called, loves being around people and checking in, easily trained - he was basically already potty trained when you dropped him off, sleeps t...hrough the night and started to two days after we had him, never barks, loves people, loves other dogs, loves other cats, very observant and easygoing. Atlas is the greatest studio/gallery dog. Thank you, Clint! Also, his paws are already bigger than our friend, 100lb maremma sheepdog, Jack. Atlas is a little beast!  (German Indian Dog) 75% NAID

Cait Giunta


                                Yanina x Kodiak Litter

Clint, I was unable to meet you when you dropped off Paki. I'm sorry I wasn't there. I wanted to share my perspective about both the breeder and the breed. About 2 months ago, while driving, my wife Jenny and our 3 boys started talking about getting a dog. We have never had a dog (or any pet) due to allergies so severe we had to take one of our boys to the hospital a few years back because of a fri...end's boxer. During the ride, we did research on hypo-allergenic breeds. Having 3 "alpha-type" boys, there wasn't much interest in a designer dog, or a little yappy kind of dog. In researching the larger breeds, they also didn't like the curb appeal of the Doodle breeds either. But, we kept looking. When we came across the NAID, we all agreed that this was a "cool" looking dog. As luck would have it, we came across Clint and Happy Bend Kennel. From the moment Jenny began talking to Clint, we knew we were working with the right guy. He is a bit crazy...but in a good way. He loves his dogs and they love him. Everything he has said or posted checks out. Now for the dog. Continuing on the research for the right dog for our family, we noticed several breeds from Happy Bend. We were very intrigued by the German Indian Dog as we had not heard of this before finding Happy Bend. What a beautiful dog this is. Part NAID part German Shepherd. Our 3 boys said to us...we want that one! They say timing is everything because not only was the GID litter available, the puppy they wanted was available. Fast forward to this past week. Our family has been truly blessed with this beautiful puppy...Paki. He is obedient, smart and curious. It is amazing to me though that he is calm and quiet. He prefers the company of our family. He has yet to wander off, whether in the yard or even in the house. If you're somewhere, he's in there with you. Having never had a puppy, but seeing friends' puppies of other breeds, I can only say that the German Indian Dog has completely exceeded this previous non dog lover's expectations. And oh by the way...he's totally HYPOALLERGENIC. I was so worried we'd send Paki back with Clint due to my allergies or the boys'. I'll admit, I was skeptical. No one wants to believe that a dog with longer hair, or a dog that might shed is hypoallergenic. This one is. Kudos to Clint for working his magic and uncovering a truly unique, and really freakin' cool looking (and cool acting) dog!
Dan Bosold


                              Yanina x Kodiak Litter
I was very leery about purchasing a dog because my son has very severe allergies. Anytime he was around one, he'd have a very severe allergic reaction which would also trigger his asthma symptoms as well. We'd frankly written off the possibility that we would ever own a dog. The only dog he's ever been around was his grandmother's dog. Every time my son visited (in spite of her putting the dog in ...a separate room and vacuuming thoroughly before we arrived), we could count on his skin being irritated and him wheezing, coughing, and sneezing, etc... Well, our daughter has been persistently asking for a dog for her birthday. Specifically, she has been asking for a German Shepherd. We checked in with my son's allergist just to have my son re-checked (hoping against hope that maybe he has grown out of his allergy). Needless to say, my daughter walked out of that appointment sad that she wouldn't be getting her German Shepherd. This was compounded by the advice the allergist gave us to begin looking ONLY at hypoallergenic breeds. For weeks we looked at many hypoallergenic options, but we never found one that we fell in love with - that is until our son and daughter stumbled across this breed. We did our research, discovered Happy Bend Kennel and spoke with Clint Little by phone. He confirmed that his dogs were guaranteed hypoallergenic. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking this guy can't be trusted. After all, it's his objective to sell me his puppy. Of course, he'll tell me what I want to hear. The truth is, Clint invited me to his Happy Bend Kennel facebook page where I was able to post my question and was amazed at how many people, with similar allergy stories as our son, responded. We've had our puppy, Geronimo, since Sunday. My son is doing fantastic. We're amazed that he's having no reaction to our puppy. He plays with him, pets him, walks him, everything - yet no reaction. Long story short - my daughter is glad the allergist told her to ONLY look at hypoallergenic breeds. We got something better for us than a German Shepherd. She has a German Indian Dog! My son is thriving and so is our new puppy, Geronimo!!! Oh and by the way, you won't find a better breeder than Clint Little!!!

Aaron Pankey


                              Danica x Kodiak Litter

Jim Dugger

Clint & Happy Bend Kennel are the greatest breeders of all time. Clint is a true joy to buy from, he is thorough, kind, gentle, extremely smart, and helpful. He makes the purchasing process painless and really makes you confident in your purchase. Our puppy Kramer, could not be more perfect; gentle, smart, great with other dogs and kids, and is hypoallergenic. My wife has bad allergies to animals and has never had a reaction do any of Clint's dogs. Kramer is a German Indian Dog 50% NAID and 50% German Shepherd. He is just wonderful in every way. We are going to buy from Clint and HBK again!


Just want to say that Clint at Happy Bend Kennel is not your typical breeder. He is very compassionate and cares very much for his puppies! He stays in touch and likes to know how they are doing. Our NAID is one of the family! She goes every where with us and loves our kids, and so smart! This is a amazing breed! The fact they are Hypoallergenic is the icing on the cake! My wife and youngest son have severe allergies using medicine and inhalers daily! But our NAID doesn't bother them at all. She sleeps in our bed lays on the couch, and my youngest lays on her watching TV! Nothing short that AMAZING! So if your looking for a amazing breeder and dog that is Hypoallergenic as well then look no further! Feel free to ask Clint if you want to get in touch with me as a owner of one of these beautiful dogs with any questions.

Cole Page

Hi.  My name is Jennifer - and in my 44 years, never did I think I would love an animal the way I do my NAS. His name is Echo, and he is about 6 1/2 months and 77 pounds!! We never had dog growing up, and both my kids are VERY ALLERGIC to dogs. We had cats for many years - but my son, in particular, kept on asking for a dog.  Well, since the allergies are such a big concern - we had to look for a hypoallergenic dog.  No offense to any of the "doodle" breed or owners - but my husband was not to excited about getting any kind of doodle breed.  We searched online for different options, and luckily found the Native American Indian Dog.  We were immediately intrigued, excited, and had to know more!  Everything we were looking for in a dog.  He does NOT bother either of my children or their allergies.  It's truly incredible.  He is the most loveable, intelligent (I swear he's part human!) playful (but never obnoxious) and loyal addition to our family.  We take him camping and boating constantly, and he is always the best behaved dog at the beach and campground.  Not even to mention how many people come up and ask questions about him, as he is the most BEAUTIFUL dog around.  He loves meeting all dogs and people  He is a very social and friendly boy.  I'm really not trying to brag - but it's hard to not think that I seriously have the greatest dog in the world.  I can't thank you enough Clint - for all that you put in to this breed of beautiful dogs.  I can't imagine our lives without him.  Someday, we will get Echo a buddy...and he will definitely come from Happy Bend.

Jennifer McCullagh
Echo - Native American Shep. Rosie X Catori