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What makes a Dog considered to be Hypoallergenic? 

Most people have the assumption that Hypoallergenic means No Shedding, but this is not the case. 

Dogs have a Protein in the body of the Dog that goes out into the coat of the Dog, this Protein is what people with Dog Allergies react to, it's not the fur or dander, it's the Protein in the fur and dander. Some Dogs have way less of this Protein, therefor one with Dog Allergies does not react if this Protein is low enough in said Dog breed. Take a Poodle that does not shed and compare it to a Native American Indian Dog that does shed, which is more Hypoallergenic....The Native American Indian Dog is. I have sold Native American Indian Dog puppies to Families that do react to Poodles, but did fine with the Native American Indian Dog. 

Doodles vs Native American Indian Dog mixes like the German Indian Dog, Australian Indian Dog, Native American Shepherd ect...

Most Doodles are Hypoallergenic enough for most Families that have Dog Allergies.

Our German Indian Dog and Australian Indian Dogs are as Hypoallergenic as Doodles or more so because of the Native American Indian Dog being more Hypoallergenic than the Poodle. 

 Doodle Breeders never Guarantees you will not react to the Doodle, that risk is up to you. You never see a Poodle Breeder saying, I Guarantee you will not react to this Poodle. 

For 11 years we have Guaranteed our Puppies to be Hypoallergenic...no one does that. We have hundreds of our Puppies out there that you can see on social media and also we have reviews on our Puppies being Hypoallergenic. 

We no longer put that " We Guarantee To Be Hypoallergenic " in our contract or on our website, People take advantage of that Guarantee and several weeks later can claim to now be reacting, so I need my money back. I will go over the Hypoallergenic part on the phone with you in full detail to see if our Puppy should work for your Family. 

 If you do not react to Poodles or Bichons, then you should not react to a German Indian Dog or Australian Indian Dog, but if you do react to Poodles or Bichons then you will need to get a full NAID. This is your responsibility to know before purchasing my Puppy. One can't say, well I didn't know that my family member would react to a Poodle or Bichon. Be sure and discuss this with me. 

 If you purchase a Puppy from Happy Bend Kennel upon meeting you will have at least 1 hour of contact with your Puppy to check all family members with your Puppy.  Dog Allergy reactions are within 30 minutes to one hour at the most.  All Family members that have dog allergies must be present at delivery time of Puppy. If one reacts to our Puppy at the meet up, we then will give you back your deposit and take the Puppy with us. We will not entertain a phone call days later with someone claiming to be reacting to the Puppy. 

By reactions to our Puppy, we mean things like eyes burning, eyes swelling, Asthmatic type breathing issues.

Be aware if your Puppy/Dog touches other Puppies/Dogs then fur and dander from that Dog is now on your Dog for you to react to. If you have allergies to grass and the Puppy lays on grass, you then play with the Puppy...now you react to the Puppy...no...it's the grass on the Puppy. Say in pollen season you get a Puppy, it has to go outside more than inside to play and be house trained, it gets pollen on it, now you can react to the Puppy. We have dealt with these issues for years, it gets complicated when we Guarantee you will never react. Reducing stress with no longer giving this Guarantee. 

Saliva lick from Puppy:

 If you or a family member has reactions to saliva from Dogs, this will be hives and redness that break out on your skin where the Puppy licks you, most people with Dog Allergies don't even have this, their Allergies is to the coat or dander of the Dog. I have sold my Puppies to people that can't be licked by a Poodle and all was fine with my Puppy, but no promise of any kind on the Saliva Lick.