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                                  The MaxiVet Story

The canine digestive system is meant to be provided with probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. In the wild, canines get these crucial nutrients through the consumption of wild prey intestines. But since most domesticated dogs don’t subsist off wild prey, they don’t enjoy the gut health and vitality of their wild counterparts (i.e. wolves).

That’s why we started MaxiVet, with the simple goal of improving canine nutrition.

After years of research, countless expert consultations, & a handful of reformulations, we’ve created MaxiFlora–the first canine supplement on the market designed to mirror the digestive benefits of consuming wild prey. It’s an all-natural, carefully formulated chew that comes with a wealth of positive, health-promoting, and symptom-relieving benefits.

We are excited to recommend MaxiFlora for all Puppies/Dogs!!

I have recommended Probiotics for several years now, but didn't have a Brand to suggest for you.

Maxi-Vet CEO  Will Richardson reached out to us, after talking with Will I'm very Excited to partner with them. Now I have a great Company to recommend for Probiotics. 

We have being using this product and it's working great!! Less Stool, Firmer Stool, especially if feeding kibble, even with The Raw Diet I highly recommend it. 

Please use Code: HappyBend when placing order.