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German Indian Dog    Shakira x Kiamichi   3-2-18 Litter The  Girls


German Indian Dog  Shakira x Kiamichi 3-2-18 Litter   The Boys 


German Indian Dog  Shakira x Kiamichi  3-2-18 Litter   Easter Theme 


German Indian Dog  Kree x Okemah  3-14-18 Li tter Easter Theme 


German Indian Dog  Vega x Stormy 12-31-17 Litter 


German Indian Dog   Dancer x Quest 12-27-17 Litter 


German Indian Doodle       Bella and her Sister Luna is from our first Doodle Litter.


Bella the German Indian Doodle

Bella our German Indian Doodle at 6 months old.

Bella is the most Loving Girl ever, always the Happiest fun girl to be around.
This Girl is also the most Protective Girl when in our house or in a vehicle. I can not say enough about this Girl, she is just Pure Awesome!!.