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What Is Giardia?

Giardia is a very common parasite found in 70 to 80% of all Dogs. A dog drinks stagnant water gets Giardia then carries it, each Dog catches it from that carrier that drinks from the same water or smells each other. Grown Dogs are not effected by Giardia, but Puppies are and must be treated.

My Puppies Always test Negative for this here at the Kennel. Each Puppy Always gets a Fecal Exam at the Vet, it’s always Negative, but under stress at a new Home this same Puppy can now Test Positive for Giardia. It’s a part of Dog Breeding, no way of getting around it. If your Puppy Test Positive for it the best form of Treatment for it is Metrondiazole (Antibiotic)  and Panacure Dewormer together for 6 days, Safe-Guard Dewormer will work the same. Some Veterinarian’s want to just give one of these and try it, sometimes only one form of this Treatment will work, other times, no, and now you have to go back and use the 2 together to knock it out. Sanitize very thoroughly if your Puppy comes down with Giardia, the Puppy can catch it again from sniffing where it pooped before and now your Puppy has Giardia again. Some people take their Puppy out into the World of Giardia way too young. What is the World of Giardia? Anywhere Dogs have been or currently at, Doggie Daycare, Training Classes, Dog Park, Pet Smart, Rest Stop, out back of McDonalds ect.. if your Puppy keeps catching Giardia, look at his/her environment and see where the Puppy is catching it at. Giardia can be caught over and over just like a Child going to School and catching head lice over and over. Touch one Dog that has it on his coat, now your Dog has it in your house. Normally after 6 months of age you will never know if it has Giardia, but in Puppies it effects them much worse.  Giardia is very easily Treated, but very easily caught again. Keep the Stress down as low as possible and this will help. I asked my Veterinarian one time, why will one Puppy out of a Litter test Positive for Giardia and not the others after they get to the new Home, he said “it’s all in the Immune system of each Puppy to be able to fight it off under stress at the new Home". We may have 1 Puppy out of 50 Test Positive for this at the new Home, but it does happen.

Q. Do you recommend Pet Insurance? 

A. Yes I Do.  If you can't afford it you shouldn't buy a Puppy.  It's a pure shame when a dog gets euthanized due to a Family not having enough money for a big surgery. When dealing with nature in Animals and Humans anything can happen, even at a young age. Nature Plays Cruel sometimes, from Healthy Humans or Dogs the offspring can have major Health issues. 

Q. What company do you recommend for the Pet Insurance? 

A. Nationwide 

Q. Do you help me pay for  Veterinarian bills or Surgeries if I can't afford it?

A. No I do not under any circumstance. Buy the Pet Insurance. 

Q. What is the number one toy to NOT get for my Puppy?

A. Squeaker Toys are killers. The Puppy will eat the squeaker out of the toy and have a blockage. Several pups that I have sold has had this happen. Only Buy Big Oversize Toys. 


Q. What is the first step in getting a Puppy from you?

A. Call me is the best thing to do. You can read the website first or call then read more on here.  


Q. What will my Puppy come with?

A. USDA Health Certificate, all Medical Records, up to date on Vaccinations, up to date on Deworming, tips and suggestion papers, if it's in the summer months the Puppy will come with current Flea/Tick Control (NexGard).

Q. When will my Puppy need it's first Veterinarian Appointment after I recieve it? 

A. Your Puppy needs to go to it's first Veterinarian Appointment on the 3rd. to 4th. day in it's new Home, no sooner than on the 3rd. day and no later than the 4th. day. 

Q. Do I walk the Puppy in at the Clinic with a leash or carry the Puppy in?

A. Carry the Puppy in. The last place you want a young Puppy is on the ground or parking lot at the Clinic. Hold the Puppy when inside, dont place the Puppy on the floor at the clinic until after 14 weeks of age. 

Chew Toys:

Q. What do you recommend for chewing?

A. I highly recommend Himalayan chews, Elk/Deer Antlers, Water Buffalo Horns and lots of Kong Chew Toys.

Q. Collar or Harness?

A. I recommend a Harness at least in the beginning of owning the Puppy

Q. Do you recommend a pinch/pronged collar?

A. No way

Q. Do you recommend a shock collar for training?

A. No I do not. You should never shock a Dogs neck  just because it doesn't sit everytime you say sit ect...But I do recommend a shock collar to stop bad behavior like trying to fight the neighbors dog through your fence ect...

Q. Do you bring the Puppy to my House?

A. I'm going door to door more these days, but I don't go to each persons house. Some have to drive out and meet me along my route. If I do come to your house I will stay around one hour and let the Puppy get used to you while I'm there. If we have to meet along the Route I will give you the Address and name of Business that we will be meeting at before I ever leave here. 99% of the time I leave here on Thursday morning, this normally puts me in New York/New Jersey early Saturday morning.



Picking up my Puppy:

Q. What do I need to bring with me when I meet you and take my Puppy Home?

A. It all depends how long the drive is home. If you have a one Hour drive then I would bring some water and a dish to drink from, you never know when traffic can get slowed up and you could be 4 hours getting home. Bring a leash to take the Puppy for a walk if  needed. If you're driving 4 hours to meet me the same is required, water and leash. 


Q. What will I need for hauling my Puppy home with me?

A. A vehicle and a passenger to help comfort the Puppy along the way, fresh water and water dish.

Q. Why can't I use a crate for the ride home?

A. Your little Puppy just got took from me and it's Litter mates, it does not know you at all, then if you stick this Puppy in a Crate for a ride home, he just got took from everything he Loves and put in prison, this is not a good way to start off your relationship with your Puppy. Most any of my Puppies will go crazy put in a Crate, they never get put in a crate with me. If my Buyer put the Puppy in a crate for a long ride home, well that pretty much defeats the whole purpose of me driving them out myself, I might as well Fly them to you then. I deliver my Puppies the best way possible, I want them to be stress free, stress brings on Coccidia and Giardia, both issues will have to be treated by a Veterinarian. Most people have no idea what stress can do to a Puppy. Just imagine how your very own Child would act if you handed him/her over to me and I went straight and locked the Child in a cage and drove away, how would that Child feel? These Puppies are my babies. This Breed of Dog does not go for being locked away, seperated from the Family, it wants to be right with you at all times. 


Q. Where does my Puppy Sleep the first night at it's new home?

A. I would never sell a Puppy to a Home that wouldn't  make a bed in the floor to sleep with the Puppy.  Remember this Puppy does not know you at this point, you go to bed and lock the Puppy in a room with tile so if it pees the floor, it's a easy clean up...NO. Sleep with the Puppy and this Puppy will bond with you much faster, lock it away and you will not get much sleep for the howling and I will never sell a Puppy to a Home that isn't willing to miss some sleep to comfort the puppy. Most of my Puppies will Not want up in a bed the first night in the new Home, so you Must be willing to make a bed in the floor and sleep where the puppy is most comfortable. The living room with a little bed in the floor for you and the Puppy, leave the TV going for some light and sound, this is the very best you can do for the Puppy for the first few nights. 


Q. Why can't I let the Puppy lay beside my bed while I sleep.


A. Again this Puppy does not even know you and now you just went to bed to get "you" some sleep and the Puppy is scared and Lonely. This Puppy is used to sleeping with all it's Litter mates and now is all alone. Show the Puppy all the Love you can so he feels the Love you have for him, he will know if you Love him by your touch. 

Q. How long do I have to do this sleeping with the Puppy?

A. As long as it takes for this Puppy to feel at home, which is normally  2  to 3 nights, but can be longer.

Q. I researched this on the internet and found that Puppies Love a place like a Crate to get away, so why can't I just Crate him at night?

A. No crates anytime for anything. Whoever says that Puppies likes to get away from it's owners don't know much about Puppies, or seen a very BAD home where it was best for the Puppy to run in a Crate to get away from a mean Child that would not leave it alone. My Puppies want to be with you, not locked away or run away from you. Puppies do need their own time if you have a small Child, but this doesn't mean the Puppy should be locked away, this means you need to make your Child mind and give the Puppy a break if he wants to just relax and sleep. Puppies needs lots of rest and sleep, they are just Babies. As your Puppy gets a little older it will find it's favorite place to lay down for a rest or long sleep, normally this will be the coldest place in your house.



Q.How is the best way to house train my Puppy?

A. The best way is to take the Puppy out side every hour, if the Puppy is sound asleep then you don't have to wake the Puppy up to go outside, but the first 30 seconds the Puppy wakes up it has to be carried out side immediately. If you wait and let the Puppy slowly walk to the door it will stop to pee before it gets to the door. When Puppies first wake up after a nap they will pee right away. When you take the Puppy out to pee and after he goes outside, don't take the Puppy right back in, because if you do this the Puppy will learn that as soon as he goes pee he then has to go back inside, they Love to play outside so rushing him right back in will make him start to hold it longer and longer when taken outside, then you give up and go back in, then he pees your floor in 5 minutes, you then think dumb Puppy, no he knows if he goes outside you then make him go right back inside and he Loves to play outside, so give the Puppy a few minutes to play after peeing outside before you take him back in.

Q.How do I get my Puppy to pee on command?

A. Hang a little bell by the door, every hour 24/7 take the Puppy to the door, make his nose or paw ring the bell, tell him the word you want to use for peeing/pooping outside, we will say the word is potty, so you go to the door with the Puppy, ring the bell with him, say potty, then let him smell the best treat ever . Take him outside, when he potties, say the word your using, potty ect. as soon as he starts to go, then when he is finished, you say potty and give him the treat right then. You give him no treats for the first week other than for doing this. The Puppy will learn the first day that he gets the treat every time he potties outside and only when he potties outside.  The very best way of doing this is to only go inside for 2 to 5 minutes then right back outside for 10 to 15 minutes and just continue this at all times if the Puppy is awake. Some new owners want to start the first week training for 10 tricks, I say it's a mistake. The very most important training the first week is house training. Let the Puppy know the one and only way he gets the treat is to potty outside. After a few hours hours of doing this routine take him out and then start to give him the command to potty, give the Puppy 5 minutes to play then give the Potty command, if he goes give the reward as you say the command word. Your Puppy should be ringing the bell and going on command in 48 hrs or you should call me to go over your routine. Then follow this routine hard core for 1 week. Your Puppy should be fully house trained at the end of this week. Remember if the Puppy is asleep, you don't have to wake it up every hour, but do take him out as soon as he wakes up. Remember this is a big outside Dog, it isn't only going outside to potty, this breed is created to be outside. Let your Puppy have lots of play time outside. 

Q. Why use the bell?

A. You may be in a different room and the Puppy at the door, you have no idea he is at the door waiting to be taken outside. The Puppy can ring a bell, then you hear the bell and know he needs to go out.

Q. I know Puppies like to pee on grass but where I live it's snowy all winter, so how will I get my Puppy to pee outside?

A. I recommend the Pine Shavings like we use here for the Puppy to pee on for the house Training. In the summer time the Puppies will pee on grass, but will go much faster on the Pine Shavings and in the Winter you sometimes have no grass, it's all covered with snow. You go outside it's very cold and the Puppy searches for the right spot to go. As you can see in all my videos I have pine shavings down. I start them out on the entire floor, then move them to one end, a puppy will wake up and run to me, then right away run down to the shavings and pee, then right back to me. I  highly suggest new owners buy a big bag of pine shavings before the Puppy arrives, some say it worked and some say it didn't. If you have a dry place outside to put a big bag of pine shavings, I promise they will go in that shavings pile, but it can't be like a small area, it needs to be a large area just like they are used to here, say 4 foot x 4 foot or bigger. If say you must be gone for several hours a day, you can make sort of a litter box for the Puppy with these pine shavings, but it can't be a little bitty size, it needs to be quite large. The puppy will scatter some shavings throughout your house, but this is better than poop and pee throughout your house, and it still keeps them going on pine shavings.


 Q. How Much Should My Puppy Eat?

 A. We have a feeding chart on the What We Feed Page that gives exact amounts for each week of your Puppies Life .


Q. What do you think about prepared Raw Diet Meals sold online or from a local Company?

A. For starters you really don't know what your getting, you can only see what they say is in it. You have no real idea if you're buying scrap meat and Bones, because when ground it is impossible to know just what is in it. I want to know for myself 100% what is in my Raw Diet. Plus your Dog don't get the advantage of chewing up the Bones for healthy clean teeth and healthy gums. Dogs prefer it in Natural form not ground and most store bought  prepared raw meals comes ground. It's very simple to feed a Raw Diet prepared by you. (AGAIN NO COOKED BONES)



 Q. How much exercise should my Puppy get Daily?

 A. A Puppy needs several hours of normal running and playing each day, no forced running...jogging on hard surfaces. A Puppy can't develop proper muscle mass laying in a house 22 hrs a day. A Puppy is a lot of work and needs several hours to run  and play daily. It must build Muscle by running and playing in a Natural way. If you don't have a fenced in yard your Puppy will need lots of walking as it grows and please find a place to let it run free several hrs each week. Most house Dogs do not get enough exercise. Puppies/Dogs need Sunlight Daily. The only True way to get Proper exercise for a Puppy is to have 2 dogs and they will play for hours each day and get just the right amount of daily exercise if out on the lawn for the day. 



 Emails vs Phone calls

Q. Why do you not want questions through emails or text?

A. It's very hard to explain most things in a email. I want a person willing to pick up the phone and spend some time on a call if they want to talk about the Puppies or if they have questions about a Puppy they already have. I can explain things much better on the phone. I'm selling Loving Breathing Puppies....not Rocks.

Q. but I don't have much time right now to talk.

A. Then call me when you do have time, email and text questions is just a very poor way of doing Business. Some Breeders will sell you a Puppy and never hear your voice, but not me, if you can't be on the phone then your just too busy for a Puppy in the first place.


Q. We have stairs in our house is this ok?

 A. Stairs are not good for a young growing Puppy to be running up and down very often. Their Hips are still developing in the early months of life. Jumping off a porch or deck several times a day is not good either.

Q. What do you recommend for Flea and Tick Control?


A. I highly recommend NexGard, it's a once a month chew and works great for both Fleas and Ticks.

Q. Do you recommend a Lyme Disease Vaccination?

A. Yes this is a must for each Puppy/Dog every year.

Q. How long after I get my Puppy until I should start taking him places?

A. Give your new Puppy 2 full weeks, other than to the Veterinarian for the first check up, the Puppy should never leave your House/Lawn. Your Puppy is in a strange Home with people it does not know, now you take the Puppy out into the World too soon and it gets stressed and stops eating. Let the Puppy adjust to your Home and your Family, normally in  2 weeks your Puppy will be fully adjusted to it's new Home. Now you can start with very short car rides around the block, then each day add a little more time to the car ride so he gets used to the car.

Q. How long after getting my Puppy before I take him to the Doggie Park or where other Dogs go?


A. Wait until the Puppy is 14 weeks old. When you watch the Video of Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Ronald Schultz you will see that 12 weeks of age is the best time frame to give the Puppy it's Vaccination. It takes up to 14 days before the Vaccination is fully working in your Puppies Immune System, so you get the 12 week Vaccination, then give it 14 more days, now your Puppy is ready to go out into the World and be socialized. It is risking the Life of the Puppy to do it any sooner.