Happy Bend Kennel

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The Happy Bend Difference

We do everything the right way, let us explain.

It all starts with our Momma Dogs receiving Proper Nutrition which consist of NuVet Plus Daily and a Full Raw Meat & Bones Diet. This insures for a Healthy Strong Puppy at Birth. The Mom is Fed Raw Meat and Bones through the nursing cycle. Each Puppy starts eating cooked Meat at 4 wks. old, then progresses on to full Raw Meat and Bones by 6 weeks of age. Each Litter starts on NuVet Plus at 4 weeks of age. The full Raw Diet in conjunction with the NuVet Plus builds a Healthy & Strong Puppy with a great Immune System.

We are a very hands on Kennel. We spend lots of time with each Litter, talking to them, petting and Loving on them, laying down by them as they drift off to sleep.

Play time. We have a TV Room just for the Puppies, it's 8ft. x 21ft. with a TV that plays the entire time they are in this room, each Litter will spend several hrs each week in the TV Room. We play different things for them, but it's all Doggie related shows. This will get them used to the TV in your House, it exposes them to different sights and sounds.

We have built a Giant Playpen for the Puppies, it's 24ft. x 32ft. with lots of room to run and play, we keep lots of toys for them to play with while in the Playpen. We have kiddie Pools for them in the Playpen for the summer months.

Socializing. Including the things prior mentioned we now are taking each Litter to Town to see things like, Trucks, Cars, People walking in the Park, other Dogs ect..But all of this is while the Puppies are in the Safety of a Trailer. We will never put our Puppies on the ground at a young age while in Town.  While in the Safety of our Delivery Trailer we can lower the rear door and let the Puppies see all the things that will Improve the Socialization Process for our Puppies, yet never be touched by other Dogs or People. We are now starting Car Rides for each individual Puppy, starting with very short rides then onto longer rides. The car rides will help the Puppy not be so afraid when you put your Puppy in the car for that first ride.

Finding the right Homes. We are Very Selective on who gets a Happy Bend Puppy. You will have to spend lots of time on the phone going over details with me. We require a lot, this we understand will make some never want a Happy Bend Puppy. We have no Buy it Now Button when it comes to selling these Puppies.

Transporting the Puppy to the New Home. I myself drive each Puppy out to each person, it's not always right to your door, but in many cases, it is right to the door. I go as far North East as Newburgh, NY. and sometimes even on in to New England. I go as far South East as Jacksonville, FL. sometimes even on to Gainesville Fl. to meet people from the Tampa area. I pretty much cover the entire Eastern half of America. I do deliver out West Coast at certain times of the year. I go as far North West as Sacramento, CA. and as far South West as San Diego, CA. We go through the Denver area and onto Salt Lake on our trips West Coast. This is depending on just where our Puppies new Homes are. Be sure to look at our Delivery Page to see our Transport Operation. We have a nice Van and Trailer. The trailer has Heat and Air Conditioning. Our Puppies are Never put in Crates here at the Kennel or in Transport to you. I have a nice bed in my van and that's where I sleep on my trips.

We just do what is right for our Puppies, this isn't always what some People want and those People can buy a Puppy elsewhere. We don't cater to People on what is the Best Day and Time for you to receive the Puppy. We Drive the Puppies out when they are Ready and only when they are ready to go. Some Litters can go out by 8 wks of age, but we seem to be delivering more out at 10 wks of age.

We take Pride in taking Great Pictures of our Puppies for you, before and after you buy. We also do lots of Videos of each Litter.

We are a Closed Kennel, this means we don't have people coming out here to check out the Dogs/Puppies. The last thing we want is Diseases walking in our Kennel, we keep our/your Puppies safe.

All Puppies come with everything they should come with, Paper work, Health Certificate from Veterinarian, Health Records ect..

We are Always here for you anytime you call me, before, during and after the sale.

If we seem to be the Breeder your looking for, Please give us a Call. I do no Business over Emails on my Puppies.