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Training Your Puppy,

First thing is to make sure you put in the hard work to get your new puppy house trained, then move on to more training. I myself want a puppy/dog to come when called, but that's just me. I feel to come when called is the very most important command, it can save the puppies life. Finding the right Trainer or Training Method is very important, not all Trainers are the same. I have my biggest disagreements with most Trainers when it comes to Crates and most Trainers wanting that puppy out in the World of dog diseases at too young of an age. For my breed of Dog the Crate makes them basically go insane and I feel no puppy should be housed in a crate for what I feel is the obvious reason (JAIL) to a new puppy scared in a new home. Also the crate adds to lack of exercise and too many take the easy way out and just crate a new puppy for several hours a day/night.

If you can find the right Trainer it can make your life much easier with the puppy. My puppies are unbelievably smart, but still need training. Training isn't 5 minutes a day, real training takes hours per day, not minutes, but hey, who has hours per day.

Expectations of training results, some may want a perfect trained puppy that acts like an adult dog with 2 years of training, that's not a realistic goal. A bored puppy is a destructive puppy, so training your puppy gives it a job to do and stimulates the brain to think. Your puppy can not just lay around your house all day bored, it will start to act out with bad behavior, yet remember a puppy still needs to be a happy puppy, please don't be all serious training and no puppy play time either. You will get out of training what you put into it, it's up to you the level of training you want. 

I have recently found a Trainer in Kentucky that has a really common sense approach to Dog Training, so I'm putting him on here, you can look him up on his website or youtube. I love it how he explains you can't expect a English Mastiff to train like a Belgian Malinois. I really like this Trainer. He even has online classes, but they are not cheap. Check him out, I'm sure you will enjoy his videos. 


You Tube Channel is Stonnie Dennis