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Pet Vaccinations 

This page is an in depth look into Pet Vaccinations, Pro's and Cons 

I will show you our Vaccinations and Schedule for our Puppies and be discussing the Vaccinations we use.
Also follow the links to see discussions on typical Pet Vaccinations.

We use NeoPar for our Puppies. NeoPar works much more efficient in younger of age Puppies, it also works faster than other Puppy Vaccinations. I would never give a so called "Normal Puppy Vaccination" to a young Puppy. It's almost pointless to give some of the "Normal" Puppy Vaccinations until 12 weeks of age. You or I can not keep a Puppy 100% safe from Parvo until 12 weeks of age, so therefore we feel we must start Vaccination at a young age for Parvo. NeoPar is the only Vaccination that I would ever give at the age we start Vaccinating for Parvo. The Puppy is loosing it's Natural Immunity from it's Mother starting as early as 5 weeks of age and Parvo can even be walked into our Kennel by us, so I feel very strongly that I must start with the NeoPar at this age to counter the loss of protection. Parvo is pretty much a deadly Virus in most cases. We can keep the Puppies safe from other issues, but Parvo is impossible to fully keep the Puppies Protected from. If we could 100% Protect all the Puppies until 16 weeks of age, then a one time Vaccination would 100% Vaccinate the Puppy, but we can't, the Puppy leaves here at 9 to 12 weeks of age, then it's for sure out of my Control what the Puppy is exposed to. 

Here's our Vaccination Schedule 

5 Weeks of age NeoPar for Parvo 

7 Weeks of age NeoPar for Parvo 

8 weeks of age NeoVac DA2 for  Canine Distemper Adenovirus Type 2 

9 Weeks of age NeoPar for Parvo 

The NeoVac DA2 is from the same Company that makes the NeoPar and it also works well with the Preexisting Maternal Antibodies in the Puppy that cancels out your Normal Puppy Vaccinations when given at a young age (under 12 weeks)

We then need you to keep the Puppy safe until the 12 week of age Vaccination, at that time the Puppy can pretty much Fully benefit from the Vaccination by your Veterinarian. It can take up to 2 weeks from the date of Vaccination before the Puppies Immune System is fully benefiting from the Vaccination. 

We do Not give Annual Boosters....Ever. 

www.DogsNaturallyMagazine.com  has a wealth of info on Vaccinations