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What We Feed

We hopefully can get each of our Puppy buyers to understand the Importance of Proper Nutrition for a Dog. We 100% believe in the Raw Diet and Feed each Puppy Raw Meat and Bones daily (never cooked bones, they will kill your dog).

For Dry Kibble we recommend: Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Formula

You can get this from Chewy.com for $42.99 and it agrees with our Dogs digestive tract, it's a very good Food for Kibble, no comparrison to a Raw Diet, but great as far as kibble goes. Also Orijen is a very good kibble, but is very costly, it does in most cases agree with the digestive tract of our breeds.

We require at least half the Diet be from Raw Meat & Bones, and I will walk you through all you will need to know to get you informed on how to do the Raw Diet. 

The benefits of a Raw Diet:

1. 95% No shedding until shed time.

2. Clean Healthy teeth and gums, so no stinky Dog Breath.

3. Way Less Poop, way less Smell and firm stool.

4. Build Great Immune System for your Pet.

5. The Dog will eat it's Raw Meal immediately.

6. Save on Veterinarian Bills with overall better Health.

Dogs are Carnivores, just look at a Dogs Teeth and wonder.....What are those K-9'S for.

Will you local Veterinarian endorse you feeding a full Raw Diet?  The answer in most cases is no, yet in all areas their are Veterinarians that Fully Agree with the Raw Diet. It's best to do a little research on Veterinarians in your area and find one that Fully believes in the Raw Diet and or Feeds the Raw Diet to their own Dogs.

Do you ever wonder why you have to slowly Transition a Dog from one Dry Kibble to the next or you will get very Bad Diarrhea?  The Answer is Dry Kibble is Not real Dog Food. When you feed real Dog Food you can give Turkey today, then Chicken the next day and then Rabbit ect... with no Diarrhea at all. The answer to this is simple... Raw MEAT and Bones are what a Carnivore eats.


Please do Not let the Raw Diet intimidate you, it's actually very easy. If you can prepare a Meal for yourself or your child, then you are very capable of learning the Raw Diet. I'm here for anyone anytime you call for advise on this. I make sure each person has plenty knowledge on how to do the Raw Diet before they receive the Puppy. Again I will say...Please do not let the Raw Diet seem difficult. I will Thank you and your Puppy/Dog will Thank you for feeding the Raw Diet.

Here is a list of meats for the Raw Diet.

Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Venison,  Fish, Beef, Rabbit, Goat, Duck, Elk, Lamb, Quail, Pheasant, Chicken Organs like gizzards, Hearts and Liver, Lungs, Beef Liver, ect...Raw Eggs. Green Tripe is the best thing for your Puppy or Dog, you can get the Green Tripe in a can at http://www.chewy.com/  I highly recommend this. I start all our Puppies on Raw Meat at 6 weeks of age.

Around 50% of raw feeders feed Fruit & Veggies, we are in the 50% that doesn't. But if I did, I would blend up the Fruit & Veggies so the Dog could digest them, otherwise it's a waste of money with no benefit to the Dog. Dogs do not have the enzymes to break down the Fruit & Veggies. One could cook them and most likely then the Dog could properly digest it. 


If you go to a Face Book chat group you will get every opinion from people who have no idea and set percentages, don't listen to someone who has no clue, or just started The Raw Diet themselves.

 Please do not feed the same few Meats all the time, it has to be a variety.


All Puppies by 8 weeks of age will be eating Chicken leg bones with no problem.

Please do not be afraid to give them the Bone, they must have Bone to be a Proper Raw Diet, REMEMBER RAW BONES ONLY



This is a very informative video on the Raw Diet with Dr. Karen Becker, please watch this. She will explain about the Raw Diet, but I do not recommend you to follow her Raw Diet, it's too many set things and set percentages, plus she recommends Fruit and Vegetables. Dogs do not have the enzyme to break down Fruits and Vegetables. I Love Dr. Karen Becker, just disagree on the feeding Fruits and Veggies to Dogs  




Video of Dr. Karen Becker on the Raw Diet. You can see Dr. Karen Becker in several videos on You Tube.



You want around 15% of your Puppies Diet to be Bones for proper Calcium intake. You must have a Food Scale to weight out the meals and Bones. In no time at all it becomes very simple.

Organ Meat:   

You want 10% Organ Meat in your Puppies Diet and this is the easiest way to do the 10% Organ Meat with zero math. Your Puppy will need 2 feedings per day on arrival, every 10th. meal feed the entire meal nothing but Organ Meats and now you are at 10% Organ Meat.

For your organ meats it's endless what all you can feed, but at least feed these things, Chicken Gizzards, Chicken Hearts, Chicken Liver, Beef Liver, Beef Heart if possible, Turkey Hearts or/and Gizzards/liver. Try to feed Kidneys, lungs ect.. It doesn't have to be 45 different Organs, but you must feed Organ Meats. Say you're a hunter, then feed the Deer Heart, Liver ect... Elk Organs ect...


The Organ Meal needs to be 25 to 50% Liver. Most of our Puppies prefer the liver cooked some, not total Raw. Most of our Puppies prefer Beef Liver over Chicken Liver. 



 Some say to freeze the pork for 3 days, some say for 3 weeks due to a Worm called Trichinella found in wild Boar, We do not worry about feeding Fresh Raw Pork here, but I will only feed USDA Meat from a supermarket, I would NEVER feed wild Boar or Bear. Trichinosis scares some, but I'm like Ed Frawley at http://www.leerburg.com/ we have never had a problem with fresh raw Pork, but he too doesn't feed Wild Boar.

When it comes to Pork we feed no Bones, so if say we feed a Boston Pork Butt, then we cut the Bone Out. We feed Boneless Pork Loin, Boneless Pork sirloin. Just try for variety.



 When it comes to Beef we don't feed too much of it. Most do not like it that well and they benefit more from some of the other meats. You can cut up Roast Beef, Brisket, ect.. and at times just Hamburger Meat. We do Feed Beef Liver, Beef Heart, and Green Beef Tripe. We do not have set percentages like some, but in general we feed around 10% Beef.



We feed the Leg Quarters for dark Muscle Meat and Bone, Chicken Necks is good, but don't just feed a bunch of necks, your Dog will starve on necks only. Chicken Gizzards, Hearts and Some Liver are Great for Organ Meat. Chicken Feet are a good source of Glucosamine.  The White meat is good for the Boneless Meals. All our Puppies are able to eat Raw Chicken Bones before they ever leave here.



Turkey Drums or Thighs are a MUST have when Raw Feeding. We feed More Turkey than Chicken. The Puppies Love the Turkey. Most 10 - 12 week old Puppies can crunch up the average Turkey Drum bone and all. Turkey Gizzards, Hearts ect...is great too. Some necks and wings are great. You can buy a whole Turkey and cut it up.



Some Puppies will not eat much Fish until they are a few months old. We feed Salmon to young pups and after 4 months of age feed, Mackerel, Sardines, Salmon. 


A 9 week old Puppy can eat any Bone in a Duck.  All our Puppies Loves Duck.


A 9 Week old Puppy can eat any bone in most Rabbits.


6 week old Puppies can eat little bones in quail. 


 Feed the Egg Raw. They can eat Shell and all, but store bought Eggs have harsh Chemicals from being washed that can be soaked into the shell, so fresh Farm Eggs are best if giving the Shell. Yes the Shell is good for them. 

Take a coffee bean grinder and grind the egg shells, egg shells are very high in calcium, 1/2 teaspoon of ground egg shells go with 1 lb. of boneless meat for proper calcium. 




We try to keep it simple and Easy to follow. A wide variety of Meats, Organ Meat and Bone.

In general you want around 15% Bone, 10% Organ Meat. The rest a wide variety of Meats and Fish, it's that simple. You can feed 3 different meats per day or feed one Meat this day and a different Meat the next, but PLEASE DO NOT FEED CHICKEN all the time, your Puppy/Dog deserves better and also they will get sick of Chicken every day.

Raw Feeding Chart:


9 wks old 11 oz. per Meal 2 x  Daily

10 wks old 12 oz per Meal 2 x Daily

11 wks old 13 oz. per Meal 2 x Daily

12 wks old 14 oz. per Meal 2 x Daily 

13 wks old 14 oz. per Meal 2 x Daily 

14 wks old 15 oz. per Meal 2 x Daily 

15 wks old 1 lb. per Meal 2 x Daily

16 wks old 1 lb. per Meal 2 x Daily

continue this until 6 months of age

5 months  2 lbs.  Total Daily

6 Months  2 lbs. 4 oz. Total Daily

7 to 9 months the normal size Puppy from us will need 2 lbs. to 2 lbs. 8 oz. per day Total

 Your Pup should be around 50 to 60 lbs. at 6 months, If your Puppy is over 60 lbs. @ 6 Months, then please call me to go over is your Puppy growing too fast our just one of our larger pups.

At 6-9 months of age you should go to 1 feeding per day. 

By 10 Months the Feeding is reduced, the big growth spurt is over and most of them slow down on the Food Drive.

Feeding a 10 month or older Dog.

60 lb. Dog:  1 lb. 12 oz to 2 lbs. per day total.

70 lb. Dog:  2 lbs. per day total.

80 lb. Dog:  2 lbs. to 2 lbs. 4 oz. per day total.

90 lb. Dog:  2 lbs to 2 lbs. 8 oz. per day total.

100 lb. Dog:  2 to 3 lbs. per day total

It's too hard to give you the exact amout that each Dog will need as an Adult Dog, things like what meats are given, Food Drive of said Dog, activity of each  Dog is different. The Normal for feeding an adult Dog is 2 to 3 % of the Adult Dogs Weight. 

Conversion for the Diamond Extreme Athlete  

If you weigh the Diamond Extreme Athlete on your food scales this is how you convert it in weight.

6 0z. = 10 oz. Raw.

 6.5 = 11 oz Raw 

7 oz. = 12 oz. Raw 

7.5 oz. = 13 oz. Raw

8 oz. = 14 oz Raw

8.5 oz. =  15 oz. Raw 

9 oz. = 1 lb. Raw 


First thing is this, Puppies/Dogs don’t care much for Ground Meats normally

You must have a Food Scale

Some get worried and stressed out over the Raw Diet, but it’s all very simple. We highly recommend feeding one meat per meal, and then moving on to the next meat for the next meal. You will see that some want to feed 6 to 8 meats per meal and repeat basically the same meal every day, that meal looks great on a Social Media Page, but the trouble with doing it that way is the Dog will get tired of all the same meats repeated too often. Our way works great and is so simple, feed one meat and move to the next and so on until you come right back around to the same beginning meat and start it all over again. On the Organ Meat you need 10% Organ Meats in the Diet, this is the easiest part of it all, you do not need to give Organ Meats Daily, if you give nothing but Organ Meats for the 10th. Meal you now have 10% Organ Meat in the Diet without any worries of getting it right. Your Puppy will need 2 Meals each day, so every fifth day make a meal of all Organ Meats. Make sure you feed plenty of Liver, even up to 50% of the Organ Meats can be Liver, most Puppies don’t like Raw Liver, so we Cook the Liver for a little while. Most Puppies seen to like the Beef Liver better than Chicken Liver, but we feed both.

Turkey Drums are a must have when the Puppy arrives to it’s new Home, it’s sometimes the only meat they will eat under the stress of being in a new Home. Turkey should be the first Meal offered up to the Puppy at it’s new Home. It’s best in the beginning to cut the Meat off the Bone and cut the meat in little small pieces, this does not have to be done this way for very long, in a short time the Puppy will start eating better and better as it’s comfort level increases in the new Home. Some Feed in their Home the Raw, but me, I know it’s Best to Feed the Raw Outside if possible. Sometimes a Family will keep trying to feed the Puppy inside the Home, they call me when it’s not wanting to eat, we go over every step they are making with the Puppy, it usually comes down to this…The Puppy is more stressed inside the Home than outside the Home, but yet they still try to Feed Inside, it’s by far the Best to take the Puppy outside, get it all Happy and then it will eat much better.

Common mistakes on Feeding.

Say the Puppy only Eats 6 ounces, but should eat 12 ounces, what should you do….some just want the Puppy to wait until the next Feeding to see if it will eat more at that time, but this is not what you do. If your Puppy only eats 6 ounces or whatever portion of it’s meal and wants no more, then offer a different Meat, Hand Feed in little Pieces, offer Cooked Boneless Meat ect… Do whatever it takes to get the Puppy to eat. Please call me if your Puppy is not eating all it’s Meal, I can go over several things with you that will hopefully get your Puppy to eating better.


15% Bone.

How do you know your bone % in that piece of meat?

This will take a little math, but it’s simple and you will be doing it really fast in no time. Take say a Chicken leg, weigh it and write down the total weight, cut all the meat off the bone and weight the meat, then the bone, now do the math to see what percentage is Bone vs Meat.

Our Tyson Chicken legs normally weigh 6oz. with 4 ounces of Meat and 2 ounces of Bone, this is 33.3% Bone and 66.6% Meat. Our Turkey Drums are 2lb. each, the Bone is normally 8 to 9 ounces and the Meat is 1lb. 8 ounces, so this is 25% Bone and 75% Meat. The 15% Bone does not have to be every meal, but it has to average the 15% Bone over say a 2 day period = 4 Meals

Us say you feed a 30% Bone in this morning, a 30% Bone in tonight, then tomorrow you feed 2 meals with Zero Bone, now you have 15% Average over a 2 day time frame. 
Say the Morning Meal is 20% Bone and 10% Bone in the Evening Meal, now you’re at 15% for that day.

. Now us say a morning meal of 10% Bone and zero bone for the evening Meal, then the next day you feed a Morning Meal of 30% Bone and zero bone for that evening, now for the 2 day average you have 10% over the 2 day period.

 See it’s sort of endless how you can work with the bone and the % to make it all average out at roughly 15% Average over time. You want 10 to 20% Bone, so we just say go for the 15%.

In my 7 videos below I show you a method thaty works real good to get the accurate bone percentage by simply by feeding a Bone in meal and then a Boneless meal and if you just follow the way I'm showing you in the videos the Bone percventage will work out perfectly.